The Power of POP creates strategies for entrepreneurs and small business owners to increase their productivity and profits.

About The Power of POP


Planning, organization, and productivity have always come easy for Chelsea Muñoz, the creator and founder of the Power of POP. In 2016, she found herself moving every few months for her husband’s job and she realized she needed a way to keep all of her organizational systems in one place, leading to the creation of her planner. Jealous of Chelsea’s planning prowess, her friends and colleagues demanded planners of their own.

While teaching her customers about the built-in ways of holding yourself accountable in the 2019 planner she created, Chelsea realized her planning, organization, and productivity skills could be used to help guide the overwhelmed yet driven self-starters out there who are going after their big dreams but find themselves stuck.

Chelsea offers individual coaching to help small business owners develop systems, create project plans, identify pitfalls, combat overwhelm, and provide accountability.

The Power of POP blog also offers quick tips that are easy to implement and lead readers to make gradual changes that will help with the overwhelm of endless to-do lists.

What does POP stand for?

Pop stands for Productivity, Organization and Planning; three key elements that are critical to achieve your wildest dreams. 

POP= Productivity + Organization + Planning

Our logo reflects that philosophy to give you the tools and structure (productivity, organization, and planning) while allowing flexibility to deal with the chaos of life, to grow outside your comfort zone to achieve your big goals and dreams.

Square = Stepping out of your comfort zone, daring to dream and create the life you always wanted.

Triangle = Tools, Structure, & Systems to provide a framework and plan

Circle = The constant chaos in life

At the Power of POP, we believe that if you only have the “Triangle,” i.e. tools, structure, and systems but don’t allow for flexibility to deal with the ebbs and flows of everyday life, you will not be successful as you go after your goals.

And if you are on this site, chances are you already are stepping out of your comfort zone to go after your big dreams & goals. We are so happy you are here!